I'm Ward Willems, a passionate graphic designer currently expanding my expertise at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Designing is not just my profession, it's my passion. I pour this ardour into my own venture, Studio Forward, where I blend innovation and sustainability into designs that shape a better future.

When I'm not designing, I'm usually found embracing the great outdoors - walking or cycling, drawing inspiration from the beauty around me. I'm also a voracious reader, constantly fueling my intellect and creativity with every book I delve into, usually accompanied by a good cup of coffee.

My friends and family play a critical role in my life, grounding me and providing a wellspring of shared joy and inspiration. I believe in maintaining a balanced life - it keeps me motivated, fresh, and ever eager to explore new dimensions in design.

As I journey forward, I see myself not just as a designer, but as a visionary, ready to influence the world positively through my designs. Short yet powerfully impactful, my story is one of creative exploration, tireless dedication, and harmonious living.